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Thesis: ‘A Sad Tale of Domestic Life’: Identifying ‘Separate Spheres’ in Violent Crime By and Against Domestic Servants in Dundee, ca. 1860-1910

by Victoria McIntyre Hi CHME students! I’m Victoria, a recent graduate from your MA programme! I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland in 2015 and, during that degree, I was so nervous about writing a brilliant thesis that I submitted a train-wreck. I applied to Utrecht University both as ­– despite…

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Scriptie: Hoe een idee een scriptie wordt

door Susanne Verburg & Marit Berends 26 juni was de datum die er vanaf de allereerste studiedag ingeprent stond: de einddatum van de scriptie. ‘Scriptie’, voor docenten het hoogtepunt uit je academisch carrière, voor de buitenwereld vooral een term die medelijden oproept. Susanne Verburg en Marit Berends hebben zich er vorig jaar doorheen geslagen en…

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Scriptie: Voormalige Surinaamse slavinnen in de periode 1770- 1863

door Nicky Post Ik heb mijn scriptie over de (voormalige) slavinnen geschreven van Suriname tussen 1770 en 1863. Deze vrouwen groeiden in hun sociale positie in deze periode, waardoor een vrije niet-witte elite kon ontstaan. Ik vroeg mij in deze scriptie af hoe deze vrouwen in deze elite terecht konden komen, oftewel, hoe zij konden…

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Thesis: The problem of stuttering. The history of a speech deviation in The Netherlands, 1900-1980

By Rik Mets Stuttering has been around for thousands of years. The earliest examples of this speech impediment include Moses and Demosthenes. Many great names followed, like Winston Churchill, who has earned a place in history as a great orator, but whose peculiar use of voice was a direct consequence of his coping with his…

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Thesis: Sint versus Santa; How the debate about Christmas traditions in the Netherlands between 1960 and 1980 meant more than just criticizing Santa

by Matthijs Blatter The process of writing a master’s thesis is a difficult process full of struggles and, of course, tons of research. Some of you might already know that, but for everyone that does not, you better believe it is difficult. During the master programme Cultural History I did an internship at the Museum…

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Thesis: Jewish Americans and the Holocaust. The Holocaust discourse in Jewish American newspapers, 1945-2000.

by Mieke Geugies In April 2016 I began writing my master thesis. But actually, the preliminary thesis process already started in November of 2015. During the second teaching period, students followed a tutorial course in which we perfected our writing and research skills and drafted a research proposal for the thesis. Students could choose between…

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Thesis: Ela and Ada: Gender, Class and Performativity in Penny Romances

by Celine Frohn In my experience the hardest part of any substantial writing project is finding a place to start. In the case of the master’s thesis, the first task was finding a suitable subject. My personal interest has always been literature, with a weak spot for stories containing murder, mayhem, and supernatural elements. When…

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Thesis: Empire and South Pacific ‘contributions’ to the London Missionary Society

by Stephanie Hall   My thesis explored the relationship between the missions of the London Missionary Society (LMS) and empire in the South Pacific during the mid-nineteenth century. I looked at a characteristic form of missionary material culture: the contribution. Contributions were produce, craft objects, and money given by South Pacific converts to fund the…

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