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Cultural History Seminar Series: Katharina Manteufel and Lejon Saarloos, The Scholarly Self

          Why did ‘character’, ‘habit’, and ‘virtue’ serve as key terms in late 19th and early 20th-century scholarly correspondences, biographies, and obituaries? Why did scholars around 1900 display so much interest in the working habits and character traits of what they called the ‘scholarly self’? Focusing on the humanities around 1900,…

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Cultural History Seminar Series: Charlotte Pissors, “The Swedish Church and Europe, 1932-1995”

The Swedish Church and Europe, 1932-1995: Between Demarcation and Convergence Abstract: The social democratic identity policy during the 1930s caused a demarcation between Europe and the Swedish nation, which persists partly up until today. After a period of convergence Sweden became however part of the EU in 1995. Especially influential on the government position towards Europe was…

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Cultural History Seminar Series: Pieter Huistra, ‘Fit to Travel – The Exchange Programme of the Belgian American Education Foundation: An Institutional Perspective on Scientific Persona Formation (1920-1940).’

Throughout the twentieth century funding bodies became defining institutions in the scientific landscape. They were instrumental in installing a system of competitive research funding that, although heavily criticized, has become part and parcel of scientific practice: every academic writes applications, hopes to obtain funding and is involved in the judgement of the research proposals of…

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