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Internship: Van geschiedenis naar actualiteit

Door Wisanne van ‘t Zelfde   Al sinds mijn twaalfde is het mijn grote droom om journalist te worden en voor een krant te schrijven. Ik ben geïnteresseerd in bijzondere verhalen. Daarom ben ik geschiedenis gaan studeren. In mijn tweede jaar werd ik redactielid bij de Aanzet en de Argus, twee tijdschriften van de Utrechtse…

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Survey website and newsletter

The master programme Cultural History has made this website to keep you updated about upcoming lectures, examples of theses of previous years, and other information. Additionally, they send a monthly newsletter.   With the following link you can fill in a small survey about both the website and the newsletter. Using your opinion we can…

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Europe. What Else?

This spring, the Nederlands Fotomuseum shows that the work of photographers can make a positive contribution to the debate on Europe. Amid the often dismaying discussions about the future of the Union, it can incite us to examine the situation carefully before jumping to conclusions. Europe. What Else? challenges the visitor to take a broader view…

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Thesis: The problem of stuttering. The history of a speech deviation in The Netherlands, 1900-1980

By Rik Mets Stuttering has been around for thousands of years. The earliest examples of this speech impediment include Moses and Demosthenes. Many great names followed, like Winston Churchill, who has earned a place in history as a great orator, but whose peculiar use of voice was a direct consequence of his coping with his…

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Utrecht Historicidagen 2017

HISTORICIDAGEN Geschiedenis Nu! Academiegebouw, Utrecht 24-26 augustus 2017 historicidagen.sites.uu.nl Netwerken – Inspiratie – Oriëntatie – Carrière – Ontspanning   In augustus 2017 worden de Historicidagen georganiseerd: drie dagen vol met lezingen, debatten en workshops om de samenwerking tussen alle soorten (kunst)historici te bevorderen, de diversiteit en dynamiek van de historische praktijk te tonen en nieuwe…

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Thesis: Sint versus Santa; How the debate about Christmas traditions in the Netherlands between 1960 and 1980 meant more than just criticizing Santa

by Matthijs Blatter The process of writing a master’s thesis is a difficult process full of struggles and, of course, tons of research. Some of you might already know that, but for everyone that does not, you better believe it is difficult. During the master programme Cultural History I did an internship at the Museum…

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Winter Course: Computers and Data in Liberal Arts and Sciences 2-20 January 2017

Increasingly, research in all disciplines, from the natural sciences to social sciences and humanities, involves big data. The availability of vast amounts of textual, audio-visual and structured data from digital sources is revolutionising research in the humanities and social sciences. The most advanced scholarship in these areas, currently and in the foreseeable future, relies on…

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International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity

If you are writing an essay or thesis on themes connected to cultural history and modernity you could benefit from the open acces peer-reviewed International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity. The journal offers a global perspective on modernity and cultural history. Here you can find a variety of inspiring articles on various topics within…

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Zwarte Piet maakt witheet

Wies Bakker has transformed her final essay for the course Understanding Theory into an online article. Her article argues that the debate about the appearance of Black Pete can benefit from the use of emotion.   For the article, click here

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Thesis: Jewish Americans and the Holocaust. The Holocaust discourse in Jewish American newspapers, 1945-2000.

by Mieke Geugies In April 2016 I began writing my master thesis. But actually, the preliminary thesis process already started in November of 2015. During the second teaching period, students followed a tutorial course in which we perfected our writing and research skills and drafted a research proposal for the thesis. Students could choose between…

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