Cultural History programme


Cultural History Seminar Series: Steije Hofhuis (UU), ‘Darwinian cultural evolution: problems and prospects of a theory’

Abstract The last decades have witnesses a remarkable growth of the idea of Darwinian cultural evolution. It is in particular in disciplines such as economics, archeology, linguistics and anthropology that the field of cultural evolution has led to a whole new range of research programs. However, most social scientists and scholars of the humanities remain…

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Cultural History Seminar Series: Albert van der Zeijden (UU), ‘Intangible heritage and the changing face of memory’

Abstract Ten years ago Steven Vertovec coined the concept of super diversity, to describe ‘the dynamic interplay of an increased number of new, small and scattered, multiple-origin, transnationally connected, socio-economically differentiated and legally stratified immigrants who have arrived over the last decade’. A city district such as West-Kruiskade, in Rotterdam, now harbors more than 160…

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Conference: Materialities of Postcolonial Memory 7-9 December 2017

  From 7 till 9 December, the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture will hold the conference ‘Materialities of Postcolonial Memory’. As questions of racism are prominent in public debate, the colonial and slavery pasts represent more than ever key sites of both social encounter and contestation. The fields of heritage and memory…

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