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Joris van Eijnatten appointed as KB fellow

Joris van Eijnatten maps the changing face of Europe

Joris van Eijnatten maps the changing face of Europe

Cultural historian Joris van Eijnatten is appointed DH Fellow at the National Library of the Netherlands this Fall. He uses the digitized corpora of newspapers in the library to analyze the changing face of Europe during the twentieth century. In order to do this, he traces the popularity of all but forgotten European ideals such as the Pan-European Union during the interwar period. Other case studies are the development of European competitions such as the Eurovision Song Contest or the UEFA Champions League.  He also traces how weather forecasts have helped to define European geographical borders. Van Eijnatten employs a combination of text and data mining to reveal such cultural patterns in the big data collection of digitized news papers of the library’s Delpher repository.

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